Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"PC banned until nine"?

The original article

It is a ridiculous position: a computer is a very versatile tool, you can use it right or wrong. The same promoter Dr Aric Sigman asserts this concept, I guess if he really ask for a ban.

When I hear someone trying to forbid something always I wonder if there are hidden motivation. Why to ban PC when you can teach to use to the best?

The history teaches us: it seems the same happen when the Church banned some books. The motivations was different but the effects are the same: to hold people ignorant. As Church likes to do beginning from the childhood it is the best way to have success to remove critical capacity (there are many methods to crack the mind and to force unconscious behaviors, depriving is the simplest to use).

The case of PC is the same: you can learn a lot, learn to play tactical game, to use complex simulation enviroment, to use Internet (the best 'evil' tool) and to compare your opinion with others, to reason and how not to be cheated.

Seems that ban PC is not a good idea at all!



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